Discover How to Start Building your own Sentences in Italian with our More-with-Less Method!

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What you will get:

  • Interactive video lessons in which you will learn to form over 100 sentences in Italian. These videos are short and easy to follow.
  • High quality MP3 recordings. We’ve included native speaker audio so that you get your pronunciation just right.
  • Study sheets with the most important words and combinations that you need to know if you want to learn Spanish fast
  • We’ve also included Anki Flashcard Decks for this module. This will help you to reinforce the words and sentences that you learn.


I’ve known Jan and Lucas for a few years and I’ve always found their language learning ideas and tips extremely useful.

I was so impressed by Lucas’ story that I even mentioned him in my TED talk as a very inspiring polyglot. The talk has been watched by over 4.5 million people.

We’ve had dozens of hours of conversation about language learning, so I know that these guys know their stuff about language learning, especially when someone is just starting.

Highly recommended!

Lýdia Machová

TED speaker and Founder of

I have tested most language applications, books and courses out there and I can honestly say that language boost uses one of the best methods.

It gets you from A-B very quickly and cuts out a lot of the useless rubbish a traditional language school might teach you. If you are a real stickler for detail and grammar etc. it could be a bit light, but if you are just looking to pick up and start using the language quickly. 

I can highly recommend these guys!

Ed Davidson

YouTuber: La Ferpection, Double Deutsch