Learn the Most Important words First and talk to Thai people in their Own Language!

What if you could hold conversations with Thai people
in their own language, while only knowing 500 words?

- Do you want to learn Thai but you don’t know where to start?

- Getting frustrated because of the lack of simple but effective learning materials?

- Have you studied for some time but you don’t yet have the vocabulary to hold a decent conversation?

- Do you feel like learning to speak Thai is going to take a lifetime?



Can you relate to any of these comments?

The good news is that becoming conversational in Thai doesn’t have to take a lifetime!

​In fact, you’ll be able to socialize in Thai by knowing only a few hundred words and phrases if you study the right content, the right way! 

Let us show you how...

It’s all about learning to say MORE with LESS.

It all comes down to a few simple principles and if you stay with me, I’ll explain to you how it works…

But WAIT, who are you guys?

Hi, we are Jan van der Aa and Lucas Bighetti! 

We’re the founders of LanguageBoost, a website where we help people worldwide to learn foreign languages quickly. We are language consultants, coaches, creators of the Language Boo(s)tcamps and authors of the VocaBooster language courses.

​Of course, we also learn languages ourselves! 

A few years ago Jan wanted to learn Thai and to be honest, he struggled

After several months of almost daily study he failed miserably to hold a simple conversation with a native speaker. This caused him to lose motivation and give up.

Having studied over 10 languages each in the past decade, we have found that in order to get momentum and to become conversational quickly in another language, learning the most important vocabulary first is crucial. 

But Jan had a problem when he wanted to learn Thai the first time… 

Unfortunately, there were not many resources available for beginners that focus on the right vocabulary and phrases. 

And that’s why we created VocaBooster Thai! 

A few years later Jan went back to Thailand for another attempt to become conversational in Thai using VocaBooster… in just 21 days.




In 2018, also Lucas went to Thailand to see how much he could learn with VocaBooster.

This was his result after one month:



Btw, we're not sharing these videos to show how 'good' we are.
We just want to give you an idea about what's possible in a relatively short period.

Now you might be wondering, but how did you guys do it?


Say MORE with LESS



Okay, so, here is our big secret...

If you’re familiar with our method you know that learning first things first is the key to quick progress in the beginning.

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule) states that you get 80% of the results from 20% of the work. This principle can be applicable in language learning as well.

In language learning the ratio is more like 95-2.5, which means that native speakers only use 2.5% of the words, 95% of the time.

We call it the ''Magical 2,5%''


You see, languages contain hundreds of thousands of words but only a fraction of them are used daily by native speakers, and you only need a fraction of these words for your first conversations.

Besides that, your first conversations in a new language will always be the same.


You’ll be asked questions like;

- What’s your name?
- Where are you from?
- What do you do here?
- Do you live here?
- For how long have you been studying....?


Just learning a few answers to these questions by heart is not enough. You want to be able to construct your own sentences and speak naturally, right?

To create your first sentences you need important pronouns like: I and you; verbs like, can, do, want, be, have and a few nouns to get started.

But, just learning these important words isn’t quite enough…

At school or in traditional language courses you learn lots of words. Yet, most people can’t hold conversations in their target language after they finish their course.


Because to speak a language fluently you need to become good at two things:

1. You need to know a lot about the language. That means that you need to know many words and you need to know how the grammar works.


2. But what’s even more important, and what most people forget is that you need to know how to use these words and grammar rules in real, natural conversations.

So it’s not so much about “how much you know”, but about how well you can use what you’ve learned.

Which will help you communicate effectively with those around you and genuinely express who you are.

You see, learning a language is not just about learning a bunch of words. Your fluency is going to depend on how well and quickly you can put the words and grammar you know together.

At school we learn a lot of words and grammar. The problem is that we don’t spend enough time practicing what we have learned.

We don’t spend enough time constructing sentences that are personal to us.

Just learning is not enough, you need to activate what you learn inside your brain.


By using what you’ve learned you aren’t just less likely to forget new words, you also train your brain to quickly produce sentences in your new language. 

And that's how you will be able to speak Thai right away...


The Ideal Thai Course for Complete Beginners



But where can you find a language course that not only teaches you the most important vocabulary, but also trains you to form sentences, so that you can eventually hold conversations with native speakers?



We tested all major language learning courses but we couldn’t find anything which came close. We wanted to create something better than any other course on the market.

My friend Lucas and I spent years of our life trying to figure out what the most important words for beginners are (we customized our selection for Thai) and how to teach them in an effective way.

We wanted to create the ideal course for those who want to learn a new language from scratch. A course that focused on real results.


After more than a decade of trial and error and having learned more than 10 language ourselves, Lucas and I came to the conclusion that if we wanted a program that teaches you how to speak Thai from the beginning, we …


- Should teach the minimum amount of words that you can use to make the maximum amount of combinations.


- Should focus on the most important vocabulary that you’ll need for your first conversations


- The materials should come with native speaker audio and video learning tools


- The focus should be on the student; our priority is to let the student construct their own sentences!


- The program should be super user-friendly.


It wasn’t easy, but after years of testing, experimenting and seeing our students getting results we finally launched the ultimate recourse for beginners.

And we’ve called it:


VocaBooster Thai!

With VocaBooster Thai we’ve hand -picked the most important Thai words for you, so that you can start speaking Thai, right away!


What you will get...

Now, let us tell you exactly what you will get when you enroll in VocaBooster Thai; 

  • 1. PDF study sheets with;

    - The most important vocabulary in Thai, hand-picked by us
    These words will enable you to quickly reach a conversational level in Thai with the minimum amount of input.

    - We teach you these words in order of relevance
    This way you’re always sure that you’re focusing on the most relevant words at any given moment during your learning journey.

    Example sentences for every word we teach
    This way you really learn how Thai sentences are constructed and you’ll be able to better memorize the words as you see them in context.

    - Word by word translations
    These are literal English translations of the Thai sentences so that you can see how the Thai sentences are constructed. You might even be able to pick up a few words here and there without any extra effort.

    - Grammar notes
    The Thai doesn't have much grammar.
    Where needed we’ve added short, easy to understand grammar notes.

    - Tone marks
    We've added tone marks so that you get the tones right!


  • 2. High quality MP3 recordings (Absorb)

    We’ve included native speaker audio so that you get your pronunciation just right.

  • 3. Anki Flashcards* (Activate)

    We’ve also included Anki Flashcard Decks for each module. This will allow you to reinforce the memorization of the words and sentences that you have learned by using Anki’s Spaced Repetition System.


    These flashcard decks are a great tool to keep everything that you learn fresh in your mind, and to ensure that you won’t forget anything!

    The fashcards Decks include:

    - Native audio recordings
    - Example sentences
    Deck with the Thai script

    - Deck with romanization

    - Deck with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) 


    *The Anki app is free for desktop and Android users, they have a paid version for iOS (Iphone users).

What do our students say about VocaBooster?

You learn the vocabulary in context and that really helps to memorize and to remember things. These are the words that you're going to use constantly, so I think for beginners this is really, really great! I highly recommend it!

Conor Clyne


First I thought, that the example sentences wouldn't have such a big impact on the learning progress, but when I realized that I started placing adverbs and pronouns in the right position just after having studied some phrases before, I knew that was effective.

Florian Araújo



I must say that I am very happy with it! I have learned German for more than a year but mainly enriching my passive vocabulary (with Assimil and LingQ). When I will have learned the 500 words and sentences, I have the feeling I will finally feel more comfortable in speaking.

Adélaïde Caudron


Your courses seem to be the perfect middle ground in-between saying a few cursory words, and really going for greater fluency with Glossika being my presence for that.

Peter Pure


Join VocaBooster Thai Today!

Life-long Access


One-time payment

PDF study sheets with;

- The most important vocabulary in Thai,
hand-picked by us (magical 2.5%)
- Example sentences
- Grammar notes

High quality MP3 recordings

Anki Flashcards* with;

- Native audio recordings
- Example sentences
- Deck with the Thai script

- Deck with romanization

- Deck with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) 

*The Anki app is free for desktop and Android users, they have a paid version for iOS (Iphone users).



If you don’t find VocaBooster Thai useful, just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a refund.  No questions asked.

Jan & Lucas

Frequently asked question

Isn’t VocaBooster just a word list? Can’t I just download a frequency list from the internet?

No, VocaBooster is much more than that. Although this course is based on the essential vocabulary (the Magical 2.5%), we provide you more than just a word list.

All entries come with images, native audio, word-for-word translations and grammar notes. We also provide flashcard decks so that you can learn the content in an interactive way using the “Anki” app on your smartphone.

VocaBooster provides training materials that will be useful to you for the first 3 to 6 months of your learning journey.

What does VocaBooster offer that similar products on the market don’t?

VocaBooster is the only course that focuses on the most relevant vocabulary, in the right order.

Isn’t VocaBooster too expensive?

Learning a language with VocaBooster will give you a head start towards attaining fluency. We have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours on research – selecting, translating, checking and testing the most useful content.

The good news is that all this hard work has made it possible for you to save lots of time and frustration in learning vocabulary that is irrelevant for beginners.

If you want to save time, avoid frustration and gain momentum in your Thai studies, this small investment in yourself will definitely pay off very quickly.

Who is VocaBooster for?

For beginners who want to reach a conversational level of a language in record time!

Learning with Vocabooster will be highly effective for those who practice what they’ve learned with real people.

It can also be a great tool for intermediate level students who can already hold simple conversations. In such cases, VocaBooster can help you to think, translate and speak faster and more fluently.

Can I get my money back if I don’t find VocaBooster useful?

Yes. If you don’t find this tool useful, just let us know within 30 days and we will give you a refund. No questions asked.